En 2009, un projet de loi prévoyait la peine de mort pour les homosexuels séropositifs. ©Neamoscou
In Uganda, homosexuality is considered a crime punishable by long years in prison. In this country where an estimated 2% of the population is thought to be LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender), coming out is perilous, both for the people concerned and for their families. Despite the best...
Une personne des équipes de Médecins du Monde en Côte d'Ivoire qui prend la parole
In the mid-2000s, West Africa became a major transit hub for heroin and cocaine trafficking, facilitating the emergence of local markets and resulting in an increase in drug users (DUs).
Several African countries (including Yemen, Nigeria, South Sudan and Somalia) currently face a serious food crisis: Doctors of the World-Médecins du Monde (MdM) has strengthened its activities and calls on an urgent reaction of the international community in order to facilitate humanitarian access.
Rencontre avec la communauté de Mussado
A difficult situation
Women and children
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Young people and teenager's sexuality
Contraception and family planning
In 2008 the Zimbabwean health system practically collapsed
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Médecins du Monde directed its activities towards supporting the existing health system in Chipinge district in the south-east of the country.