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consultancy on health and housing

Deadline : 1st of March

Place :

The person should conduct the scope of work in Nadezhda neighborhood, town Sliven, Bulgaria.


In the participative diagnosis done within the community identify the problems related to the living conditions in the neighborhood, the following issues have been noted:

  • Unpleasant and harmful living environment
  • Low water quality and frequent water cuts, especially in summer
  • Dysfunction of the waste management collection, especially in the poorest areas in Nadejda
  • Lack of green area or dedicated areas for children to play in the neighborhood
  • Overcrowding and unsafe housing (especially in the poorest areas)
  • Untraditional (and potentially harmful) heating and cooking practice (using materials such as plastic and other available waste)
  • The population of Nadejda is reportedly having increased mortality rate (and at earlier age) in the last decades (community perception)
  • Last, but not least, the violence, insecurity, depression and including abuses have been mentioned by some beneficiaries who have close contact with MdM team.

The overall objectives of the consultancy are to:

  • Review the environmental factors in the living environment that can lead to negative health impact in Nadejda neighborhood
  • Identify key points to design an advocacy strategy for local, national and international level aiming at improving the environment conditions in Nadejda