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With 180 employees at our headquarters and 95 working at various programmes in France, Doctors of the World offers numerous opportunities to join its team. MdM regularly hires staff to coordinate national and international operations, work with beneficiaries in the field, carry out advocacy efforts or provide all the support functions essential to a smoothly functioning organisation. Would you like to get involved?

How it works

  • All applicants are given consideration, although a certain amount of professional experience may be necessary.
  • Similarly, it may be essential to have experience in humanitarian work, healthcare or social support services.
  • For all positions related to our international programmes, you must be proficient in a foreign language – either English, Spanish or Arabic.
  • Depending on the position, we offer either fixed-term or permanent employment contracts. The terms of the contract are always spelled out during the job interview.

Application process

First, you either apply for a specific job opportunity or submit a speculative application using our online form. 

You will then receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email. 

A successful recruitment means hiring people with long-term potential who are right for the job, so we take the time necessary to carefully review all applications. Our recruitment team, however, is not able to send a personal response to each applicant or answer all telephone inquiries. If you do not hear from us within about a month, you can assume that your application was unfortunately not selected for further consideration. Our decision in no way reflects on your skills or experience. We encourage you to regularly browse our job opportunities and apply again if a job matches your qualifications. 

If we are interested in your application, the recruiting department will contact you to set up an appointment for a job interview (which can be conducted by telephone if you do not live in the Paris area).

Following the first interview:

  • If you are offered a job, you will then meet with the programme’s key staff members for their final approval.
  • If you are not immediately offered a job, you will be added to the candidate pool and be eligible for a later offer.

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