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About 100 expatriates of all nationalities, both medical and non-medical, work in Doctors of the World programmes abroad. MdM ensures the highest level of security for its teams, including ongoing analysis of the situations in which its programmes operate, development of security and evacuation protocols, and staff monitoring and training.

Any person over the age of legal majority can work abroad up to the age of 75. Expatriates’ status takes one of two forms: employee under French law or International Solidarity Volunteer (under contract; VSI in French).

How it works

  • Our programmes can last anywhere from a few weeks to one year (renewable contracts).
  • We assign great importance to your ability to adapt to a different cultural environment and to adhere to the organisation’s values.
  • Previous professional experience in humanitarian work, healthcare or social support services may be necessary for certain positions, although we work hard to achieve a diversity of skills and experience in our teams.
  • You will most probably need to be proficient in a foreign language – either English, Spanish or Arabic.
  • You cannot hold expatriate status (employee or VSI) in your own country. In this situation, you will have an employment contract under national law.
  • Expatriates work either under fixed-term contracts under French law (coordinators) or under VSI contracts (non-coordinators). At present, 70% of expatriates are employees. 
  • The International Solidarity Volunteers receive a monthly allowance of €915 for personal expenses in their country of residence as well as a per diem for living expenses at the field site. 
  • Depending on the situation, we indicate in the job opportunity if your partner or family can accompany you. 
  • Coverage of expenses for the expatriate and family members will be explained during the job interview.

Application process

You will then receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email.

A successful recruitment means hiring people with long-term potential who are right for the job, so we take the time necessary to carefully review all applications. Our recruitment team, however, is not able to send a personal response to each applicant or answer all telephone inquiries. If you do not hear from us within about a month, you can assume that your application was unfortunately not selected for further consideration. Our decision in no way reflects on your skills or experiences. We encourage you to regularly browse our job opportunities and apply again if a job matches your qualifications.

If we are interested in your application, the recruiting department will contact you to set up an appointment for a job interview (which can be conducted by telephone if you do not live in the Paris area).

Following the job interview:

  • If you are offered a job, you will then meet with the programme’s key staff members for their final approval.
  • If you are not immediately offered a job, you will be added to the candidate pool and be eligible for a later offer.
  • If you are looking for a job outside France under another nation’s laws, you must apply directly to the Doctors of the World programme in that country.

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