Every year, more than 2,000 volunteers show their commitment to Doctors of the World by devoting their skills, motivation and time to the organisation. Any person over the age of 16, whether employed or not and regardless of medical skills, can become a volunteer. 

How it works

  • These volunteers mainly work in France. You may, however, be able to volunteer for one of our international programmes if you live in the country where it is located.
  • To be effective, it is best to volunteer and be available on a regular basis (depending on the nature of your work, plan on several hours during the day or evening). 
  • Speaking a foreign language can be a real asset in the performance of your work.
  • We can pay for some of your travel and meal expenses.

Get involved

Find out more about our current volunteer opportunities online or directly contact the regional office closest to you (or the international programme in the country where you live) for information about their needs.
To volunteer at our headquarters, send an email to .benevoles@medecinsdumonde.net and tell us when you would be available.
Please feel free to let us know why you would like to volunteer with us. You may later be asked to provide a cover letter and CV. The volunteer selection process may vary from one region to another.

Our latest opportunities

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Unsolicited applications
If you would like to submit a speculative application to become a volunteer, please contact the appropriate regional office.
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