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Crisis situations of any kind destabilise healthcare systems. They disrupt community protection mechanisms by causing population displacements and isolating people and they exacerbate the gender inequalities and socio-economic vulnerabilities experienced by women.
Although delivering medical services and empowering populations to take action are fundamental to foster longterm access to universal healthcare and human rights, another important means to ensure the sustainability of our actions in the field is to drive forward positive changes to policies and...
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Access to health is a universal human right. Yet, because certain practices – such as sex work or drug use – or sexual orientation and gender identity are either criminalised or subject to moral disapproval, individuals not wanting or unable to change their behaviour are not in a position to fully...
Bidonville, Marseille © Olivier Papegnies
In both the North and the South, health risks related to harmful environments have increased dramatically in recent decades. According to the World Health Organization, one quarter of pathologies worldwide are related to avoidable environmental causes.
Migrant arrivé sur l'île de Lesbos
Migration is a universal phenomenon. Throughout the world, people seek protection and a better life. Doctors of the World (MdM in its French acronym) has a long-standing commitment to working with exiles. From the boat people lost in the China Sea during the 1980s to those attempting to cross the...
This guide is addressed at Médecins du Monde project players whoever they may be – coordinators, desk officers, volunteer board delegates (RMs), volunteers, etc. Someone with little experience will find in this guide the basics needed to understand the logic of the project cycle. Those with more...
De nombreuses femmes assistent aux formations de Médecins du Monde. © Benoît Guenot
For thirty years MdM has been active in projects related to Sexual and Reproductive Health
MdM helps victims of conflict between the FARC and the Colombian government ©Andréa Lamount
Sensitive personnal data management
La Tanzanie est un des hauts lieux de transit du trafic d’héroïne © William Daniels
A medical and political approach based on public health and human rights
Séance-de-sensibilisation à la violence domestique lors du marché de Samba Caju
A practical guide for wealth care projects
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