Midwife and medical coordinator in Laos, 27 year-old Aurélie Philipps has assisted the birth of some 400 babies. She’s been working in Laos for over a year now and this is her first assignment for Médecins du Monde.

What brought me here?

I always wanted to get involved in humanitarian aid and work with vulnerable people. A fortnight after getting my diploma in midwifery I was off to Guyana, near the border with Surinam. And then I wanted to understand why so little medical care was available to migrants in this part of overseas France and to put words to my outrage and my indignation. So I went back to do a Master degree in humanitarian action and law in Aix-en-Provence and then I was off again.


What I do

At the beginning of 2013, I was in Zaatari in Jordan. It was snowing outside the tent where the Syrian refugees came to give birth and our feet were mired in mud. Here in Laos maternal and child mortality is too high. We’ve got a real development programme going. You have to listen, talk, persuade, but we’re starting to see the results.

What I feel

I have a deep sense of the huge injustice faced by women in the world, an injustice I’m trying to combat in my own way.

“The situation is unjust for many women in the world. I want my commitment to help combat these inequalities.”

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