Hostilités les plus intenses depuis sept ans entre Israël et Palestine, ces nouveaux affrontements ont fait au moins 48 morts à Gaza, dont 14 enfants et trois femmes

Israel-Palestine: we call for the protection of Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem and Gaza

Medecins du Monde (MdM) chapters in Palestine call on the international community, including France, Spain and Switzerland, to take urgent and immediate steps to protect Palestinian in occupied East Jerusalem and Gaza.

At the time of writing on Wednesday 12 May, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) report that 639 Palestinians have been injured by Israeli forces during a raid on the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem and ongoing protests. Around 411 Palestinians have been hospitalised, including seven in a critical condition. 43 Children have also been arrested in the past three days.

These injuries are the latest in Jerusalem in a week where Israeli forces have repeatedly used plastic coated metal bullets, physical beatings, tear gas and sound grenades against Palestinians.

Request to transfer additional ambulances from the West Bank into East Jerusalem to help cope with the influx of injuries was reportedly denied by the Israeli authorities, and  paramedic crews have been prevented or delayed from accessing the wounded. In a number of incidents, PRCS paramedics have been targeted with tear gas, “skunk water” and rubber-coated steel bullets, resulting in damage to two ambulances.



Les frappes aériennes à Gaza ont déjà fait plusieurs morts et des centaines de blessés © Reuters
Les frappes aériennes à Gaza ont déjà fait plusieurs morts et des centaines de blessés © Reuters

Further, MdM condemns the reported killing of 14 children during airstrikes on Gaza. The international community must ensure that all parties to the conflict protect civilians, especially children, as required by international law.

Calling for ‘de-escalation’ is not enough.

Willy Bergogne, MdM France General Coordinator in Gaza stated:

“Palestinians suffer from a perpetual military occupation and targeted, prolonged effort to expel them of from their land and to strip them of their basic human rights, including the right to health. Calling for ‘de-escalation’ is not enough, the international community must recognise and address the deep power inequality, the excessive use of force, the breaches of international law, and take clear and concrete action to protect Palestinians, and also to hold Israel accountabile for the violent treatment of Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

We in MdM we have wittnessed first hand the severe effect the systematic dispossession of rights and the constant threat of demolition and evictions has had  on psychological wellbeing of Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem, who live in a persistent state of fear for their homes, families and livelhoods, while watching illegal settlements expand around them, coupled with growing impunity for the violence committed against them.

Innocent children and civilians must not bear the brunt of a conflict that is not of their making. The targeting of civilians and children is a serious breach of international law and must be investigated by the international community. The ongoing blockade of Gaza already has a devastating impact on the infrastructure upon which children rely for their health, education, protection and wellbeing, collectively punishing them for crimes they did not commit.


Escalation of violence in Gaza


MdM calls on the international community, to take urgent steps to halt Israel’s violations of international law by demanding an immediate end to all attempts to displace Palestinians from their homes; the immediare halting of excessive force against protesters, healthcare workers and children; and to ensure access for health workers to the wounded. Where violations occur, the international community must recognise the pattern of chronic impunity Israel affords to its own actions and support genuine investigations and increased accountability.




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