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Attacks on NGOs in Ethiopia: we demand a real protection of humanitarian staff

In light of two recent attacks on humanitarian workers in Ethiopia, the Humanitarian INGOs (HINGOs) call for the protection of humanitarian staff and civilians and the enabling of assistance to reach people in need.  

On 24 March in West Wellega, a GOAL vehicle was attacked and the driver killed by unknown armed actors.

On 23 March in Tigray, a driver with the independent medical agency Doctors Without Border was beaten and their team witnessed extrajudicial killings of civilians by armed forces.

In both cases, the vehicles were clearly marked as belonging to humanitarian, non-governmental agencies. Both agencies provide life-saving nutrition and health care to vulnerable women and children.


In the last year, seven humanitarian workers in Ethiopia have been killed by armed actors. 

The HINGOs are principled humanitarian actors and work with the consent of the Ethiopian government and abide by the laws of the country. Our 57 members serve people in need regardless of ethnicity, politics or religion.



In 2019, the HINGOs reached 28 million people in need with life-saving assistance and essential services. The HINGOs employ over 13,000 Ethiopian staff and less than 1% of HINGO staff are international.

The HINGOs strongly condemn the attacks and killings of humanitarian staff and civilians. We call on all armed actors to uphold Ethiopian and international humanitarian law. These attacks and killings must be fully investigated and held accountable in accordance with Ethiopian law.




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