Institutional partners

With a budget of 78 million euros in 2014, Doctors of the Worlds enabled more than 4 million people to benefit from its programmes implemented in 40 countries, on 5 continents. 35% of our resources come from national and international public-sector partners. We thank them warmly for their ongoing support and for their confidence in our actions.


For each funding granted, Doctors of the World signs a specific agreement and enters into a partnership with the funding body that continues throughout the term of the project. Regular audits ensure that the organisation’s administration and finances, as well as its funding contracts, are properly managed, thus fostering a climate of trust and encouraging renewal of these contracts with loyal funding bodies.


Already lending us support

Le ministère des Affaires étrangères allemand (AAHH) soutient Médecins du Monde
Le Fonds mondial de lutte contre le sida, la tuberculose et le paludisme soutient Médecins du Monde
La Coopération américaine (MEPI) soutient Médecins du Monde
Initiative 5%, financée par le ministère français des Affaires étrangères soutient Médecins du Monde
L'Agence des Nations unies pour les réfugiés soutient Médecins du Monde
Le Fonds des Nations unies pour la population soutient Médecins du Monde
Le Programme alimentaire mondial soutient Médecins du Monde
L'Organisation mondiale de la santé soutient Médecins du Monde

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