3,2 years

is the average length of stay of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa in Algeria


migrants from sub-Saharan Africa are staying in Algeria


Algeria is no longer just a country of transit for migrants en route to Europe. It is also a country of choice for people from sub-Saharan Africa, including Central Africa and West Africa. Thus, tens of thousands of migrants are currently living in Algeria, particularly in the cities in the north and on building sites in the south of the country. The journeys vary and migratory routes shift, but we estimate that the average length of stay is a little over three years.

Tens of thousands of migrants are currently living in Algeria.

Whether they are settled permanently or are waiting to leave for Europe, these people are in a particularly vulnerable situation. They are stigmatised, often subjected to violence, and have difficulties in obtaining medical care, despite an efficient social security system which gives access to healthcare to all at a nominal cost (0.5€ per consultation). The situation is improving slowly but there remains significant work to be done regarding effective access to care for migrant populations, as well as recognition of their other rights (the right to education, housing etc.

What we do

Migrants & Displaced persons

CARING for sub-saharan migrants

Doctors of the World Community health workers scour the districts where the migrants live, to direct them to healthcare centres, where they can, amongst other things, be screened for Aids. They also inform them about the importance of continuity of care, especially where pregnancy monitoring and young children are concerned. Hygiene kits, birthing kits and blankets are distributed according to needs. Teams from the association also raise awareness among staff in the centres so that these migrants are given a better reception.  

In Oran, Doctors of the World works with four local associations (APCS, FARD, Chougrani and Caritas) to support migrant and Algerian women. The ‘Jardin des Femmes’, a reception centre, has been opened.  In an atmosphere of security and confidentiality, listening activities, awareness building and referral to public health centres are offered.

Furthermore, since 2015, Doctors of the World has coordinated the platform on migration in Algeria. Made up of 17 national and international organisations – including migrant groups, this co-ordination platform is also intended to be a place for operational collaboration to respond to the needs of migrant populations.


In 2016

We have:

  • Helped over 1,000 people (medical orientations, raising awareness of health and rights, STI testing)

  • Trained 10 community health workers

Programme to combat gender-based violence opens in Algiers
Programme in Algiers closes
Programme for migrant access to rights and healthcare opens in Algiers
Programme extended to cover migrants in Oran
Opening of the ‘Jardin des Femmes’ in Oran.

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