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Doctors of the World, an independent medical NGO, is convinced that economic and philanthropic actors have an essential role to play in combating poverty and health inequality.

We are therefore looking for partners among companies and foundations who share our values and want to join our actions.

Do you work for a company or foundation committed to improving the living conditions of society’s most deprived? Are you drawn to issues of access to healthcare?

Below is information about the different forms of partnerships available and some real-life examples.


Reasons for joining with Médecins du Monde to make a différence

Médecins du Monde France  is one of an international network of 15 Doctors of the World organisations which overall comprises 14,177 paid staff and unpaid volunteers running 355 health projects in 82 countries on every continent.

We work as closely as possible with communities worldwide to secure access to healthcare for all, bringing our expertise gained to local health organisations and providers from more than 35 years in public health.

Our 14 regional offices and presence in 33 towns and cities testify to our organisation’s solid foundations in France.

More than 4 million people benefit from our programmes every year.

We guarantee that our organisation’s finances are managed in a rigorous and wholly transparent manner.

Our team dealing with funding from private sector sources is committed to engaging in dialogue with companies and foundations. Possible options are discussed and full support provided by the team throughout the partnership.



Financial Sponsorship

Financial sponsorship offers a way of helping fund our international emergency projects, long-term projects or programmes in France. Crises overlooked by major international funding bodies, humanitarian emergencies and an ongoing social and economic crisis in France mean we need companies and foundations to join us and show their commitment.

We are committed to allocating your donation to the country or programme of your choosing, to drawing up with you a partnership agreement  and sending you regular activity reports. Companies which support Doctors of the World benefit from tax relief equivalent to 60% of their donation up to a maximum of 0.5% of turnover excluding tax.


Some real-life examples

Loyal partner of Doctors of the World, Ouest France Solidarité supported the launch of the mobile clinic in Dohuk in Iraqi Kurdistan in November 2014.

In this region, Doctors of the World works in camps and communities of displaced people. At ten different sites, medical teams offer basic healthcare via fixed and mobile clinics to populations whose health has been seriously undermined.

Readers of the newspaper Ouest France responded to an appeal for solidarity launched in the form of a fundraising initiative by this France’s foremost daily paper.

Long-standing partner of Doctors of the World, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation provides support for 4 healthcare, advice and referral clinics (CASOs) in France.



Medical consultation in Dohuk in Iraqi Kurdistan © Guillaume Pinon
Medical consultation in Dohuk in Iraqi Kurdistan © Guillaume Pinon

Skills sponsorship

Mobilise your employees through a skills sponsorship scheme!

Depending on the nature of your company, your employees may have expertise to offer us in the form of technical support for our different departments or international programmes.


Un exemple concret


Working in Nepal since 2007, Doctors of the World provided emergency medical, material and manpower aid to victims of the earthquake that occurred on 25 April 2015.

The EDF Foundation supported this emergency operation from day one by seconding 3 EDF employees to Nepal. They installed the necessary electrical equipment and ensured it was up and running for two primary healthcare clinics set up in this remote region.


Donation in kind

Your company can offer material aid to Doctors of the World as donations in kind which are of service to our programmes and those who benefit from them. Such donations may qualify for tax reductions for the donor companies under certain conditions.


A real-life example


The Groupe Optic 2ooo Foundation and Doctors of the World decided to join forces to respond to the needs of people using the ophthalmic and optician services developed in Doctors of the World’s Healthcare centers  in Paris, Grenoble and Marseille. Since 2009, the Groupe Optic 2ooo Foundation has supplied new optical aids (spectacle frames and lenses) free of charge to people consulting Doctors of the World.


Developing innovative partnerships

Your sustainable development policy may include an intention to support public interest causes that contribute to regional development and the well-being of populations. Together we can consider which themes, countries and intervention methods would be most appropriate in fulfilling this aim.


A real-life example


Since 2012, the Veolia Foundation has been linked to our health, social and environmental harm reduction programme aimed at communities who recycle electrical and electronic waste in Manila in the Philippines. Volunteers from the Veolia Group provide their expertise and carry out field operations, while the Veolia Foundation contributes financial support.


Our teams offer information sessions on the risks of dismantling equipment © Lam Duc Hien
Our teams offer information sessions on the risks of dismantling equipment © Lam Duc Hien

Mobilise your employees or customers

Reflect the solidarity demonstrated by your customers or employees and give them the opportunity to support us.

Fundraising events

Organise fundraising within your company for a humanitarian emergency, humanitarian aid day, a cause particularly close to your heart or, more generally, to support the work of Doctors of the World. We provide communication tools and a link to a specific online donation page or donation slips. We guarantee to regularly monitor donations. You have the option of matching the funds raised and/or complementing them with financial sponsorship.


A real-life example


VINCI soutient Médecins du Monde
VINCI soutient Médecins du Monde

Following the terrible earthquake which struck Nepal on 25 April 2015, VINCI suggested to its employees that they should help the affected populations by a system of matched fundraising. For every euro donated by a VINCI employee, the company made an equivalent donation. VINCI also supplemented this gesture of solidarity with financial sponsorship.


Customer-oriented fundraising

Give us the opportunity to contact your customers directly over the period of a year or during specific events. As with all our fundraising operations, we guarantee that donations and relations with donors are managed in a rigorous and transparent way.


A real-life example


In 2015, Mercialys decided to open the doors of its shopping centres to our teams of donor recruiters, so that they could inform customers of Doctors of the World’s work and offer them the chance to support us via direct debit.

Thanks to Mercialys, we are able to diversify our fundraising locations and increase the number of our regular donors.



Charity-giving through products or services

Donating through socially responsible savings products, profit-sharing products and one-off sales that benefit Doctors of the World are just some of the ways we can look at together for you to give your customers the chance to support us.


A real-life example


The Crédit Coopératif offers its customers the Agir savings account which allows for half the interest to be donated to Doctors of the World. It also offers the Agir card as a means of making micro-donations to our organisation.




They support us

Elton John AIDS Foundation soutient Médecins du Monde
La Fondation Veolia Environnement soutient Médecins du Monde
American Express Japon soutient Médecins du Monde
DROSOS Foundation soutient Médecins du Monde
La Fondation FELISSIMO soutient Médecins du Monde
La Fondation Fubon soutient Médecins du Monde
La Fondation Sternstunden soutient Médecins du Monde
Mc Call Mac Bain Foundation soutient Médecins du Monde
Open Society Foundations soutient Médecins du Monde
VINCI soutient Médecins du Monde


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