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Médecins du Monde strategy in the region aims at responding to the important health needs of displaced, refugee and host community populations in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.
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Médecins du Monde France (MdM) has been working in Palestine since 1996, and is currently focusing its activities in North West Bank on psychosocial programs aiming at preventing and limiting the psychosocial impacts of occupation related violence on Palestinian communities within Nablus, Qalqilya...
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Since the beginning of January, the intensity of demolitions and displacement of Palestinians in the West Bank have reached the highest levels in seven years. Between 1 January and 15 March 2016, 378 Palestinian homes and structures were demolished by the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA),...
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For over ten years, Médecins du Monde France (MdM) and Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) have been intervening in the Northern West Bank, in oPt, to mitigate the impacts of settlers’ attacks against Palestinian communities. Based on this work, this research offers a presentation of what settler...
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For 3 years, Médecins du Monde France (MdM) has been working on preparing community members to cope with emergency situations through providing Basic Life Support (BLS) courses.
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The number of people who inject drugs has been increasing
In 2008 the Zimbabwean health system practically collapsed
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