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Rencontre avec la communauté de Mussado
A difficult context
Rencontre avec la communauté de Mussado
Un contexte difficile

The events of the Arab Spring had a profound impact on the governorate of Kasserine in west central Tunisia. Its population, particularly in the rural areas, suffers from limited access to healthcare.

Scène de rue, à Dar-Es-Salam, en Tanzanie © William Daniels

As Tanzania is one of the key transit points for trafficking heroin from central Asia, drug-taking has spread in the country along with AIDS and viral Hepatitis.

After 20 years of civil war and political instability, Somalia remains a conflict zone.

Almost one out of every two pregnancies in Kinshasa is unwanted and, in the country as a whole, one out of every four young women has her first pregnancy before she is 19 years old.

Homophobia is a harsh reality for

Malnutrition represents a major public health problem in Niger. Around one child in 7 suffers from either severe or acute malnutrition.