Snapshot of deprivation of humanitarian aid in the gaza strip

Humanitarian operations are currently the main lifeline for 2.2 million peoplestranded in a state of exhaustion and destruction for over four months in the Gaza Strip. UN agencies and NGOs active on the ground have repeatedly warned that the death toll from starvation, diseases and lack of access to other fundamental needs is likely to surpass the number of people killed by bombardment if full, unhindered and safe humanitarian access is not ensured. Although Israeli restrictions thatobstruct aid and access of humanitarian actors has been a longstanding issue in Gaza, which predates October 7th, the situation has dramatically worsened since the onset of current hostilities.

The scale of humanitarian needs now surpasses anything previously witnessed, marking a significant escalation in the challenges faced by those operating on the ground to meet dire needs.

This briefing note aims to provide an overview of the most recent challenges faced by INGOs in the provision of lifesaving aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

It examines the multifold and systematic patterns of restriction of humanitarian assistance encountered by INGOs throughout all the steps of the process of aid delivery within the period running from 26 January to 15 February2024.