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sexual and reproductive health

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A difficult situation
© Jelle Boone

After 20 years of civil wars and political instability, Somalia remains a conflict zone.

In Kinshasa, about half of all pregnancies are unwanted and across the country, one in four girls becomes pregnant for the first time before the age of 19.

Niger © Olivier Papegnies

Malnutrition is a major public health problem in Niger. Whether severe or acute, approximately one in every 7 children is suffering from it.  However, there are convincing results coming from therapeutic feeding centres.

Women and children
© Quentin Top

Virtually all women from the Afar people undergo extreme genital mutilation, with total ablation of the clitoris and the labia minora and with an almost total closure of the labia majora (this is known as infibulation and not e

Contraception and family planning

Provinces in the north and east of Sri Lanka are slowly recovering from a civil war which lasted 26 years.

Programme de Médecins du Monde pour les femmes au Pakistan
Women and children, the initial victims
Haïti © Olivier Papegnies
An ongoing epidemic
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