We are all Doctors of the World

We are all Doctors of the World

Commitment is at the very heart of Doctors of the World’s mission statement. For 35 years now, the militant approach adopted by our volunteer managers, volunteers and employees has guaranteed the quality of our actions around the world and reinforced the scope of our advocacy in favour of social change and access to healthcare for all. Supported by a shared governance model, Doctors of the World leads programmes in France and abroad, in cooperation with and in the service of all those who are the most vulnerable.

They worked with Doctors of the World

To venture to places where no one else goes and bear witness to the intolerable — such are the founding principles that have guided the work of Doctors of the World volunteers and employees since its inception in 1980.

They are working with us

The humanitarian history of our association is embodied by our active and engaged supporters all over the world. Join us and learn all about the women and men whose constant show of solidarity continues to successfully forge social change.

Who are they?

Regional coordinator in Normandy
Anne-Sophie Marie, coordinatrice régionale en Normandie
Midwife and medical coordinator
Advocacy officer in Palestine
Volunteer worker on the Lotus Bus
Doctor and coordinator in Liberia
Les valeurs humaines. © Olivier Papegnies

Join Doctors of the World

Depending on what you are looking to do, your availability, skills and professional experience, there are several ways to make an active contribution to Doctors of the World.

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