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Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) made sexual and reproductive health one of its priorities for action and advocates for women’s right to control their own bodies, to have a sexual life free of coercion nor violence and to decide freely whether to have children or not, when and how...
Rencontre avec la communauté de Mussado
A difficult situation

Provinces in the north and east of Sri Lanka are slowly recovering from a civil war which lasted 26 years.

Programme de Médecins du Monde pour les femmes au Pakistan
Women and children, the initial victims
Programme de santé sexuelle et reproductive pour les personnes isolées et exclues des soin

In the remote rural areas of the Nariño, Meta et Guaviare regions, where the first health centre is often several hours away on foot or by dugout canoe, access to the most basic health services in these conditions is extremely

De nombreuses femmes assistent aux formations de Médecins du Monde. © Benoît Guenot
For thirty years MdM has been active in projects related to Sexual and Reproductive Health
Early marriage in the Arab world has been on the decline since the 1970s