sexual and reproductive health

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The European Safe Abortion Networking Group is a group of national, regional and international SRHR organisations based in Europe, working for universal access to safe, legal abortion.
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Crisis situations of any kind destabilise healthcare systems. They disrupt community protection mechanisms by causing population displacements and isolating people and they exacerbate the gender inequalities and socio-economic vulnerabilities experienced by women.
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Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) made sexual and reproductive health one of its priorities for action and advocates for women’s right to control their own bodies, to have a sexual life free of coercion nor violence and to decide freely whether to have children or not, when and how...
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Contraception and family planning In 2017, the Ministry of Health, with support from technical and funding partners, produced a family planning development plan to step up efforts to improve family planning and increase the use of modern contraceptive methods to 32% by 2020. In 2019, by making...
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