Depuis 2012, nous travaillons en Syrie pour fournir des soins aux populations déplacées. © Reuters
Since 28 April, the violence in Idlib province in northwest Syria has intensified. The civilian population continues to bear the brunt of persistent attacks that have forced more than 180,000 people to flee to the north of the country.
Migrants Serbiet ©Olivier Papegnies 2017

The migrant crisis, which reached its height in 2015, saw thousands of migrants entering and leaving Serbia, a country

© Jelle Boone

After 20 years of civil wars and political instability, Somalia remains a conflict zone.

© Sébastien Duijndam

The Central African population has been severely affected by clashes between anti-Balaka local militias and the

The population lives in a permanent state of extreme stress owing to the proximity of the Israeli settlements. ©Olivier Papegnies
Living with the blockade in Gaza

Since the beginning of the war in 2011, violence against the civilian Syrian population has only intensified and become more complex, with no political solution emerging.  Many regions are regularly bombed and the civilian popu


Syrian refugees are scattered across hundreds of places in Lebanon, often in the poorest parts of the country, and have difficulty in a

District Amedi, Village Bamerni. Irak (c) Guillaume Pinon

The fighting which has affected north west Iraq since 2014 has led over 3 million Iraqis to leave their homes. Almost half of them have taken refuge in Kurdistan and the neighbouring regions.