A Gaza, en Palestine, les derniers affrontements avec Israël ont causé la mort de centaines de civils et provoqué une nouvelle crise humanitaire

Dear President Biden:

We, the undersigned global coalition of leaders – from civil society to business, the arts and faith communities, politics and Nobel laureates – call for U.S. leadership to take...

Les bombardements à Gaza et dans les territoires palestiniens occupés ont déjà causé des dizaines de morts et des centaines de blessés
As of 17 May, 198 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip since the start of escalations, including 58 children and 35 women, based on reports of health authorities. 10 Israelis have also lost their lives due to rocket fire from Gaza.
Hostilités les plus intenses depuis sept ans entre Israël et Palestine, ces nouveaux affrontements ont fait au moins 48 morts à Gaza, dont 14 enfants et trois femmes
Medecins du Monde (MdM) chapters in Palestine call on the international community, including France, Spain and Switzerland, to take urgent and immediate steps to protect Palestinian in occupied East Jerusalem and Gaza.
Cette jeune fille a vu son école brûlée par les colons car le chant des écoliers les gênait. ©Olivier Papegnies
Surrounded by fields, accessible only by a small dirt road, is the small bedouin community of Humsa Al Bqai’a. Since November last year this community has been facing increasing waves of destruction and violence by the Israeli Security Forces, who want to force them to leave the land they have been...
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On 3 November 2020, the Israeli Civil Administration entered the bedouin coummunity of Khirbet Humsah in the northern Jordan Valley and demolished 18 tents and sheds that housed 11 families, leaving 74 people in total, 41 of them minors, homeless just as winter starts and in the middle of a global...
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Following the announcement on Tuesday 25 th August of the first community transmission cases of COVID-19 in the Gaza Strip, Médecins du Monde – France calls on international actors to ensure the right to health is upheld in the Gaza strip. Residents of Gaza are currently facing a critical crisis,...
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In the face of potential COVID-19 outbreak in the Gaza Strip, Israel is obliged to take measures to save lives, permitting the entry of medical equipment and supplies, to meet patients’ needs.
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A coalition of 84 international NGOs operating in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel, the Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA), urges the international community to reject the US Administration’s plan and reaffirm their shared commitment to the principles of...
The Médecins du Monde chapters (MdM) in Palestine published today their latest report “The Labyrinths to Health in Gaza.” The report is the result of the growing concern on the number of Palestinians in Gaza having to go through a maze of obstacles to access tertiary health services outside of the...
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