Les manifestations de résistance civile à Rangoun et dans tout le Myanmar ont plongé le pays dans une situation de crise politique et humanitaire © Reuters
Since the 1 st of February, Myanmar has entered a phase of political crisis with a dramatic collapse of all services, including access to health care services and basic support for the most vulnerable within the population.
© Reuters
INGOs call for an end to violence against civilians including children and warn of imminent humanitarian crisis.
Myanmar: protecting public health and safety from Covid-19
The urgent need to enhance measures in Myanmar prisons and detention facilities to prevent outbreaks.
© Arnaud Finistre
61 NGOs warn of worsening crisis in Myanmar; call for safe, voluntary return of refugees from Bangladesh.
The risks of social exclusion and potential negative health impacts on drug users are relatively well documented. However, questions about how their close relatives perceive the effects of drug use on them, and the solutions that need to be found, are rarely documented.
42 NGOs warn that return of refugees to Myanmar now would be dangerous and premature. ©Arnaud Finistre
42 NGOs warn that return of refugees to Myanmar now would be dangerous and premature. Humanitarian and civil society agencies working in Rakhine State in Myanmar and in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh are deeply concerned that the repatriation of refugees will commence in mid-November,...
Au Myanmar, Médecins du Monde apporte une aide humanitaire auprès des populations birmanes depuis 1994 © Sebastien Duijndam
Myanmar is the world’s second largest producer of opium. Production is mainly concentrated in Kachin State, a region in the north with a large Christian community and home to numerous people who use drugs. Rejected by the local population and threatened by the police and Pat Jasan evangelical...
Mère tenant son enfant dans ses bras, suivit d'un groupe de Rohingyas
Today marks one year from the beginning of the exodus of an estimated 706,000 Rohingya refugees from Rakhine State, Myanmar to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh following what the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called a “textbook example” of ethnic cleansing. The newly arrived Rohingya in Cox’s Bazar...
Myanmar: protecting public health and safety from Covid-19
MdM fully joins recent declaration of international NGOs working in Myanmar. As international NGOs working in Myanmar, we strongly condemn the attacks carried out on 25 August and subsequent violence across northern Rakhine State. We express our heartfelt sympathies for those who have lost loved...
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