World Hepatitis Summit 2017 : Declaration of the Hepatitis Community.
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Because Tanzania is one of the major transit hubs for heroin trafficked from Central Asia, drug use has spread in the country and with it the transmission of AIDS and hepatitis. There are over 300,000 people who use drugs in Tanzania, of whom one in 10 inject drugs. In the absence of adequate...
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Lack of prevention and treatment for people who use drugs Since the early 2010s, Kenya has become a prime transit route for heroin trafficking. Drug use has spread through communities which are already fragile and is accompanied by transmission of AIDS and hepatitis. The country has over 130,000...
Drug use developed rapidly in Georgia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and affected up to 53,000 people in 2019. In a context where people who use drugs , the institutional response is based solely on criminalisation rather than rehabilitation. In Georgia, 3% of people who inject...
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Drug users, like sex workers, are stigmatised and penalised because of their practices.

Personnes se prostituant attendant pour être reçues par MdM

Sex workers are extremely vulnerable. They face social isolation and problems with housing, their administrative status and health insurance.

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