Observatoire de l'accès aux droits et aux soins 2020 par Médecins du Monde © Patrick Piro
This 2021 Observatory report on access to rights and healthcare focus specifically on analysing the first year of the health crisis. It provides an objective and balanced account of our findings on the ground.
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The share of people in precarious situations continues to increase. Unfortunately, this phenomenon can be accentuated in a rural environment where some areas are affected by the unequal distribution of healthcare provision.

Médecins du Monde plaide pour la reconnaissance des mineurs non accompagnés comme des enfants en danger. © Olivier Papegnies

The number of children is increasing among exiles. Today, in Europe, more than one exile in three is a minor. Among these children and adolescents, some of them are alone, without their parents.

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Doctors of the World has filed today a new patent opposition on Sofosbuvir. This patent is related to base compound that is used to produce the drug.
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