90 €Average daily amount to take charge of an uncompagnied minor
160 €Care for 40 children suffering from malnutrition
200 €2 consultations for women who have been victims of violence in Uganda.
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As a private individual

Your support gives us the freedom to care for the most deprived populations both in France and abroad. Private donations account for more than 50% of Médecins du Monde’s budget. By standing by us and giving whatever you can afford in time or money, you are guaranteeing that we can maintain the autonomy we need to act independently.

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Hairan est psychologue pour Médecins du Monde dans le camp de Zakho © Guillaume Pinon
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As an organisation

Médecins du Monde works closely with many different public and private-sector partners. Local, national and international institutions fund our programmes. And because we believe that, to ensure access to healthcare for the most deprived, all economic stakeholders need to be involved, we also work in partnership with companies and foundations.

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