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People living in rural areas


report financial difficulties in seeking treatment


report administrative difficulties in finalizing their health care procedures


mention transportation difficulties

The situation

Today, poverty affects more than 3 million people in France, which represents 14.3% of the population. The proportion of people in precarious situations has been increasing steadily since 2008 and social inequalities in health have also increased. These indicators reflect the difficulties for the poorest to access care and the reality of delay or non-use of care. Unfortunately, this phenomenon can be accentuated in a rural environment where some areas are affected by the unequal distribution of healthcare provision, by the gradual withdrawal of public services and by the reduction in public transportation networks, which contributes to the isolation of populations in difficulty.

50% of the people we met have given up on care in the last 12 months.

Our action

Médecins du Monde tries to help people in precarious situations living in rural areas who have difficulty accessing health care. In 2013, the Support Health and Coordination Network (RESCORDA) was created in the Combrailles region of Auvergne. At the end of 2016, a new action to provide access to care, prevention, and health rights was launched in the Upper Aude Valley of Occitania.


Welcome, guide and support

The teams of these 2 missions carry out a health mediation action. They aim to make people in precarious situations living in rural areas and local actors who can meet their needs, whether they are institutional, health and social action professionals or associations, meet and forge links.



These actions focus on local meetings; teams carry out "outreach" actions (meetings in living spaces, decentralized offices in villages, home visits, etc.). It is then about supporting these people towards the health system: privileged listening, evaluation of social and health needs, assistance in administrative health procedures, orientation, and physical support, if necessary, towards structures and professionals according to the identified need.

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