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Meet our donor recruiters


To raise the awareness of as many people as possible to core issues about access to healthcare in France and abroad, and to publicise its activities, Doctors of the World is reaching out to meet the general public, in the street, at home, or at private venues. This will enable new donors to get involved with us, for the long term.

Remember us in your will


Since 1980, Doctors of the World has been working tirelessly to care for the most vulnerable in more than 70 countries around the world. Recognized as a public interest organisation, Doctors of the World is authorised to receive legacies, donations and life insurance. Leaving a legacy to Doctors of the World is to extend one’s commitment. Beyond one’s own existence, one can remain faithful to the fundamental values of humanism: generosity, solidarity, and the fight against injustice.

Companies & Foundations


Doctors of the World, an independent medical NGO, is convinced that economic and philanthropic actors have an essential role to play in combating poverty and health inequality.

We are therefore looking for partners among companies and foundations who share our values and want to join our actions.

Do you work for a company or foundation committed to improving the living conditions of society’s most deprived? Are you drawn to issues of access to healthcare?

Below is information about the different forms of partnerships available and some real-life examples.

Regional and local authorities


Doctors of the World’s activities are supported by many national and international institutional partners. By funding our emergency interventions, long-term international programmes and projects in France or simply giving a grant to our organisation, towns and local and regional councils reflect the solidarity demonstrated by those they serve.

Institutional partners


With a budget of 78 million euros in 2014, Doctors of the Worlds enabled more than 4 million people to benefit from its programmes implemented in 40 countries, on 5 continents. 35% of our resources come from national and international public-sector partners. We thank them warmly for their ongoing support and for their confidence in our actions.


Every year, more than 2,000 volunteers show their commitment to Doctors of the World by devoting their skills, motivation and time to the organisation. Any person over the age of 16, whether employed or not and regardless of medical skills, can become a volunteer. 

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