Portrait of Laurence Boyer, donor, and member of the Committee of Donors of Médecins du Monde.

Why did i become a doctor ?

I am a speech therapist and in 1996 I discovered with great interest the Opération Sourire led by Médecins du Monde. Volunteer surgeons from Médecins du Monde operate on children with cleft lip and palate.

In France, we no longer see people with this malformation on the street as they are operated from birth. All over the world, children must be able to have the right to have surgery very early so that they can eat, drink, talk, sing and smile like any other child.

I am giving to Médecins du Monde so that volunteer teams can continue Operation Smile.


How i feel today when i make a donation ?

For the past two years every week I have been participating in marauds with migrants who live on the streets in the north of Paris, with or without tents, as part of an informal collective of volunteers. We give them clothes, an information guide on their rights, sweet tea and...smiles.

When I donate Médecins du Monde, I think of teams that provide care and support to migrants in France. My volunteer commitment and my commitment as a donor are therefore complementary.


Within the Committee, I bring my sensitivity as a woman, my experience as a field volunteer, my thoughts and questions as a former director of various association federations (for more than 20 years) and as a medical assistant.

In 2018, I attended the General Assembly of Donors in Paris organized by the Donors Committee. I received a lot that day to better understand the association from the inside (beyond the bulletins that I always read in full). It is my turn to give to other donors by participating in the Donors' Committee today. Finally, I am pleased to know that the last 3 members of the Donors' Committee (including me), are contributing to the implementation of gender parity in its composition.

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