Anne-Sophie Marie, coordinatrice régionale en Normandie


Regional coordinator in Normandy, Anne-Sophie Marie joined the Normandy delegation of Doctors of the World in 2014. She and some 100 volunteer workers work to obtain access to healthcare for those suffering from social exclusion.


What brought me here?

In 2004, I was making a documentary for UNESCO in southern India when the tsunami hit. I remember the outpouring of solidarity shown towards the victims by local people and humanitarian organisations. I also remember how the emergency soon raised longer-term issues, such as how to restore and facilitate people’s access to essential services. This is what motivated me to become involved with Doctors of the World projects.

What I do

I support the delegation’s doctors, nurses, psychologists and social workers, foster communication with our partners, develop fund-raising activities, set up advocacy campaigns and so on. Our priorities for action in Normandy are as varied as assisting unaccompanied foreign minors and migrants in transit to reaching out to sex workers. We also help the many people who live on the street. They’re a whole new group of vulnerable people for whom access to healthcare has become a real challenge.

What I feel

You’d think that the suffering you see in other countries would help to put things in perspective, but exclusion is just as blatant in France. Basically, hardship’s ended up being the most globalised commodity. But I believe very strongly in the people we work with everyday — in their capacity to shake things up with us. Our combined energy is such that it can surely be a driver of social innovation to achieve a more just society.


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