Palestine : "For Maintaining A Good Mental Health, Start Talking"

MdM France, MdM Suisse et MdM Espagne luttent contre la stigmatisation liée à la santé mentale en Palestine. © Cyril Zannettacci

Palestine : "For Maintaining A Good Mental Health, Start Talking"

As part of the world mental health day (10 October 2018), MDM France, Switzerland and Spain have launched a joint public campaign in Palestine aimed at combating mental health stigma.

Mental health: an essential part of everyone's health

The message is very simple: For maintaining a good mental health, start talking. The concept is to mainstream mental health as an essential part of everyone’s health.

Aware of the WHO’s international campaign Young people and mental health in a changing world, MDM’s campaign targets the population in its area of influence in both Gaza and the West Bank, with a special attention to youth.



A series of posters have been produced and distributed among school counselors, village councils and our partners on the ground. Moreover we have used public billboards around the main intervention sites, and key strategic places such as outside of universities. MDM also produced 3,500 pens to be distributed among students.”



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