Dr Philippe de BOTTON, médecin endocrinologue et diabétologue est le nouveau président de Médecins du Monde France ©Nicolas Moulard

Doctor Philippe de Botton President of Médecins du Monde France

The new Board of Directors of Médecins du Monde-France elected Doctor Philippe de Botton as its President during the organisation’s general assembly held on Saturday 9 June 2018.

volunteer and campaigner with Médecins du Monde since 1989

An endocrinologist and diabetologist, in 1989 Doctor Philippe de Botton began working as a volunteer and campaigner with Médecins du Monde on the first needle-exchange programme to be set up in Paris. The purpose of the programme was to reduce the spread of HIV and hepatitis among injecting drug users. This commitment reflects his determination to ensure the marginalised and stigmatised within society are given full access to healthcare and their fundamental rights.


A human rights activist, Philippe de Botton also pioneered a health promotion and harm reduction programme for young people on the party scene in his home region in the south of France.



Philippe de Botton is a tireless advocate for the rights of the disadvantaged, both in France and in other countries, promoting universal access to healthcare and bearing witness to barriers to medical care. He spent six years in charge of a nutrition and dental care programme in Burkina Faso. He also helped with setting up a healthcare programme in rural areas of central Tunisia between 2013 and 2015.


In addition to his humanitarian work in the field, he has held the post of treasurer at Médecins du Monde France since 2016.

struggle for greater social justice

Dr Philippe de Botton, now president of Médecins du Monde France, considers the struggle for greater social justice a cornerstone of his commitment. “Deployed in 42 countries, Médecins du Monde-France runs more than 120 programmes in France and abroad. Supporting social change calls for continuing and enhancing partnerships with civil society stakeholders in the global South. We must ensure people are empowered to act and take control of their own destinies.” 

We must ensure people are empowered to act and take control of their own destinies.

Philippe de Botton remains committed to the effective participation of Médecins du Monde’s beneficiaries, not only in its programmes but also in the organisation’s governance. “This is essential to the very identity of MDM. We have to give a voice to the beneficiaries who are at the heart of our commitment, as it is for them, and with them, we fight each and every day. The meaningful participation of our beneficiaries contributes to ensuring Médecins du Monde is a truly committed, independent and campaigning NGO.”



The Board of Directors was also partially renewed. Newly elected members are as follows:



President: Dr Philippe de Botton, endocrinologist and diabetologist

Vice President: Ms Catherine Giboin, public health consultant

Vice President: Mr Fyras Mawazani, head of development and civil society support programmes

Treasurer: Mr Bernard Juan, entrepreneur

Deputy Treasurer: Dr Joël Le Corre, general practitioner


General Secretary:

Mr Christian Laval, sociologist


Deputy General Secretary:

Dr Florence Rigal, internist, hospital practitioner


Board of Directors:

Sophie Alary, full member

Dr Patrick Bouffard, full member

Alexandre Kamartotos, full member

Thierry Malvezin, full member

Dr Françoise Sivignon, full member

Anne Guilberteau, deputy member

Mehdi Lahmar, deputy member

Prof Antoine Lazarus, deputy member

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