La Tanzanie est un des hauts lieux de transit du trafic d’héroïne © William Daniels

Ethiopia Humanitarian International NGO Forum (HINGO Forum) deeply shocked over the killing of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) aid workers

We are deeply shocked and most strongly condemn the circumstances leading to and the killing of aid workers Maria Hernandez, Yohannes Haleform Reda and Tedros Gebremariam Gebremichael in Tigray.

We condemn, in totality, this atrocity, and while we extend our condolences to the families of the victims and MSF, we stand in solidarity with MSF and the families of the aid workers who were tirelessly working to serve the estimated 5 million people in need in Tigray (UNOCHA, 2021).

Attacks targeting humanitarian workers, facilities and services are violation of international humanitarian law and amounts to war crimes as per UNSC Resolution 1502. At least 12 aid workers have been killed in Tigray since the beginning of the crisis in November 2020. All parties in this armed conflict must respect international law; provide the safe and unhindered access for humanitarian service delivery to ensure assistance reaches to all people that are in need.

* The HINGO Forum, an umbrella body comprised of 58 international non-government organizations (INGOs) in Ethiopia.



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