A serious nutritional crisis

Several African countries (including Yemen, Nigeria, South Sudan and Somalia) currently face a serious food crisis: Doctors of the World-Médecins du Monde (MdM) has strengthened its activities and calls on an urgent reaction of the international community in order to facilitate humanitarian access.

The current crisis is due to several factors: repeated droughts, conflicts and their consequences (displacements of populations, failure of States and insecurity). “It is an emergency because of the scale of the crisis, which affect at least 20 million people in four countries and because of the difficulties to get aid through” explains Dr. Françoise Sivignon, President of Doctors of the World France.

The crisis affects at least 20 million people in four countries.

According to our teams in the field, the number of malnourished children visiting our centres has been steadily growing since last year. The nutritional situation is critical: in Somalia, around 944 000 children under the age of 5 are malnourished1 and around 6.2 million people (more than half of the population) is in a situation of food insecurity. In Yemen, more than 60% of the population is affected.


The health situation is also a cause for concern: there have been more than 13 000 cases of acute diarrhea in Somalia and 20 000 suspected cases of cholera in Yemen.
Alert was given several months ago but the risk of famine will increase as long as no political solutions to the conflicts are found. We call on a diplomatic and financial mobilization of the international community” says Dr. Jean-François Corty, Director of International Operations.


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To support these actions, Doctors of the World is launching an appeal for donations:

  • Make a donation on line on www.medecinsdumonde.org
  • Or by mail : Médecins du Monde – Urgence Crise alimentaire - BP100 – 75018 PARIS


Doctors of the World network works in 3 countries which are particularly affected by the crisis: Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen. Our teams are also considering the possibility of developing activities on this issue in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan.

> In Nigeria, MdM works to improve access to primary healthcare of vulnerable populations and to treat and care for malnourished children as a priority. MdM works in Maiduguri with displaced and host populations.

> In Somalia, MdM has been working in Bosasso since 2011with a primary healthcare and sexual and reproductive health programme targeting internally displaced people, migrants and host populations.

> In Yemen, Doctors of the World provides help to the population through support to 5 health facilities in the Jehanah and Haima districts (in Sanaa governorate), and provides access to primary healthcare including nutritional treatment and care and psychosocial support. Health centres have been severely damaged by the conflict and our teams work to rehabilitate them and supply medicines and other inputs to make them operational.

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