Article 28.05.2024
NGOs demand UN Security Council enforce ICJ orders on Israel’s actions in Rafah

The undersigned NGOs urgently call on all permanent and elected members of the UN Security Council to enforce the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) orders regarding Israel's actions in Rafah, Gaza. Immediate action is required to uphold international law and ensure the Government of Israel meets its obligations as mandated by the ICJ.

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Article 15.05.2024
World leaders fail to act as Israeli invasion of Rafah worsens humanitarian catastrophe

Despite repeated calls on Israel from heads of state, UN officials and humanitarian NGOs to refrain from expanding its ground offensive to Rafah, Israeli troops entered the governorate on May 7.

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Article 03.04.2024
International action to protect civilians in Rafah : time is running out

A week since the UN Security Council passed a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire, and days since the International Court of Justice issued additional provisional measures in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, States must act urgently to ensure its enforcement and prevent atrocity crimes in Rafah as attacks intensify, warn 13 humanitarian and human rights organizations.

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Article 13.03.2024
Gaza: Airdrops and sea routes are no alternative to aid delivery by land

25 NGOs call on governments to prioritize ceasefire and ground-based humanitarian aid as deaths from malnutrition and disease rise.

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EU and Member States must sustain funding to UNRWA
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"We long for life." News from Nour, psychologist in Gaza

I'm writing this on my 135th day of enduring displacement, loss, injustice, terror, starvation, cold, homelessness, grief, and amazement of how I'm still alive until this day.

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Article 20.02.2024
Joint statement against the mass forced displacement of Palestinians

We, the undersigned organisations, are appalled over the mass forced displacement of Palestinians in Gaza resulting from Israel's devastating military assault.

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Article 12.02.2024
Médecins du Monde condemns the destruction of its offices in Gaza City

Médecins du Monde condemns in the strongest possible terms the deliberate destruction of its offices in Gaza City. No NGO staff or civilians were inside when the building was demolished. This attack, which took place a few days ago, is a further demonstration of the flagrant violations of international humanitarian law that are taking place on a daily basis in the Gaza Strip.

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Article 06.02.2024
One Year After Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes

A year after the devastating earthquakes causing the death of more than 58,000 people in collapsed buildings, displacing millions as a result of widespread destruction to homes and infrastructure in southeastern Türkiye and northwestern Syria, Médecins du Monde (MdM) International Network is appealing for ongoing assistance to address the extensive needs of the affected population.

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Article 24.11.2023
The mental health impact of the war in the Gaza Strip

The ongoing intense bombardment across the Gaza Strip is causing widespread destruction to civilian life and infrastructure, resulting in immense physical and psychological suffering, including the displacement of at least 1.5 million Palestinians from their homes.

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Article 19.10.2023
"Each moment feels like it could be our last." A few words from Nour, psychologist for MdM in Gaza.

Gaza, Palestine. 19 october 2023.

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Article 18.10.2023
Médecins du Monde firmly condemns the attack on Al Ahli Baptist Hospital and demands accountability for the perpetrators. Healthcare facilities must never be a target.

On 17 October, a massive strike hit Al Ahli Arab Hospital, one of the main hospitals in the Gaza strip, killing hundreds of the most vulnerable people – children, patients, families that had been seeking refuge.

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