90 €Average daily amount to take charge of an uncompagnied minor
160 €Care for 40 children suffering from malnutrition
200 €2 consultations for women who have been victims of violence in Uganda.
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Offre d'emploi

#AGENDA La prochaine réunion d'informations RH c'est ce jeudi 6 décembre à 18h à notre siège parisien. On vous attend nombreux ! Infos ici :
Medecins du monde rh
Métiers non médicaux. © Olivier Papegnies

Our Non-Medical Jobs

We seek candidates with a wide range of non-medical backgrounds to work at headquarters or in the field. Here, too, there are various ways to get involved: as a volunteer in France or abroad, an employee working under the laws of France or another country, or an intern.

Nos métiers médicaux. © Olivier Papegnies

Our Medical Jobs

We seek qualified medical and paramedical personnel for our programmes in France and abroad as well as our headquarters in Paris. Medical staff are not always care providers and can be involved as either volunteers in France or abroad (), employees under French or national law or interns.

Our Coordinator Jobs

Coordinators are hired to carry out our programmes in France and abroad. These positions can either be held by employees working under French law (expatriates) or another country’s national law.