Human values

Les valeurs humaines. © Olivier Papegnies

Human values

At Doctors of the World, volunteers and employees share a common commitment: solidarity. Our future-oriented human resources policy offers you the perfect opportunity to embody this value by working at our side. Viewing each person as an important member of the team without making any distinction on the basis of job status or nationality, we give priority to integration into the workplace, skill development and support for career advancement.

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Variety of opportunities

Les valeurs humaines. © Olivier Borson


There are a number of ways to get involved in the organisation’s work depending on your interests, availability, skills and career. You will be actively engaged whether you contribute as a volunteer, employee or intern.

Expatriate work

Travelling abroad takes planning. For that reason, we assist each expatriate before, during and after their assignment. We handle travel arrangements and administrative formalities and ensures decent living conditions (housing, living expenses for the partner or family, etc.) and, of course, the safety of property and people. After you return, we offer psychological support and assistance with continuing a career in humanitarian work or reentering the labour market in France, particularly with the help of our partner Résonances humanitaires.

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Training and career path

Our wide range of projects opens up numerous opportunities for career advancement. All managers are involved in assessing and developing their team members’ potential. Career officers keep track of career advancement plans. All staff members have access to training courses for professional development purposes, with the aim of acquiring and enhancing the skills necessary for carrying out the organisation’s programmes. In addition to individual training we also offer group training, which takes place at the various project sites.  


As an activist organisation, Doctors of the World fights all forms of discrimination and promotes diversity and equal employment opportunity.

Our international recruitment policy results in a staff with wide-ranging socioeconomic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds that enrich the organisation’s uniquely diverse team. We also aim to foster a positive work environment for people living with a disability.

We fight all forms of discrimination.

Young graduates

To help young people enter the workforce, Doctors of the World offers internships that provide meaningful and formative experiences. We are also committed to continue hiring employees under the age of 30 and to encourage initial assignments abroad to the extent possible.

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