Mobilize my company


our company may already be involved in a CSR or sponsorship policy.

Find out more and help us for example:

  • To organize a fundraising campaign among your salaried colleagues that can be supplemented by your company.
  • To propose Médecins du Monde as an association benefiting from the rounding up of salaries or to set up skills sponsorship.


Do not hesitate to contact the private financing team at Médecins du Monde to support you in this process:



CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility refers to all the practices implemented by your company in compliance with social, environmental and economic issues. Whatever its size is, the company must integrate these concerns into its activities and participate in sustainable development within its capacity.

Regarding social issues, the company has a key role to play, either for its employees or for society as a whole.

This social responsibility can lead the company to support one or more solidarity associations through financial sponsorship but also through skills or pro bono sponsorship (i.e. the provision of employees to help associations).



The rounding up on salary allows employees to support a solidarity association of their choice by making a micro-donation each month from their net salary. The company can join in this solidarity collection by contributing a large number of donations made by its employees.



Marie, employee of the Arkadin company

Last February, Marie, employed at Arkadin and volunteer at Médecins du Monde, organized a collection of funds among her colleagues as part of her company's Solidarity Week, which takes place once a year and aims to present and support associations that have been acclaimed by staff members.


This fundraising, donated by Arkadin, made it possible to raise 2465 euros for our programs and to make Médecins du Monde's projects and actions known among its employees.

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