children adopted through MdM in 2014


of children adopted in 2014 had specific needs


In recent years, the number of children available for international adoption has decreased significantly. But there is a growing need for adoption solutions for children with specific needs. Whether they be siblings, older children or those suffering from medical disorders, they all live in hope of finding a family to love and nurture them.

  • Cédric


    8 and a half-year-old Cédric has spent half his life in a Bulgarian orphanage where he was taken into care to protect him from his abusive parents. But life in an institution is no replacement for a family. Cédric suffers from nightmares and has learning difficulties and problems at school. The trauma he has endured has left its mark — and a multitude of challenges that he and his adoptive family will have to work together to overcome.

  • Seko et Bouna

    Seko and Bouna

    Seko and Bouna were four and seven years old when they were found in an Abidjan market. After an extensive search revealed no trace of their family, they were declared orphans and adopted by a family in France. The older child feels responsible for his little brother and is unable to trust his new parents. He also finds it hard to cope with the challenges of the French education system where he started off behind his classmates. More carefree because he is younger, his little brother’s craving for affection means he gets more attention.

What we do

In order to protect orphans, vulnerable and exploited children and victims of different forms of violence in developing countries, Doctors of the World promotes adoption. Focusing first and foremost on the child, rather than on the family looking to adopt, we seek prospective parents truly able to meet his or her own particular needs.

Finding families for children in most need

The only humanitarian medical organisation authorised to provide adoption services in France, Doctors of the World coordinates routine as well as more so-called complex adoptions. Ensuring that siblings are not separated, assisting children over the age of five or those with specific medical issues (heart diseases, cleft lips and palates, limb defects, hepatitis, etc.), are all so many areas in which the organisation has proven expertise and recognition.

We are the only humanitarian medical organisation authorised to provide adoption services in France .

Supporting families

Volunteer doctors and psychologists reach out to prospective parents and support them throughout what can sometimes be a protracted and complex process.


Our teams not only help them with their applications but also organise sessions to prepare them for their roles as adoptive parents. And once a child (or children) come into their care, families are provided with regular medical and psychological support over a period of at least two years.


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