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Some medicines, such as new treatments for cancer or Hepatitis C, are launched on the market at exorbitant prices. What is the danger? The NHS cannot afford such costly and vital treatments for thousands of British patients.


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27 March 2017
27.03.2017 pm31 18:14

New patent opposition

Doctors of the World has filed this monday 27th march a new patent opposition on Sofosbuvir. This patent is related to base compound that is used to produce the drug. This major patent protecting Sofosbuvir has been granted to Gilead in June 2016. MdM assume it does not comply with patentability requirements per defined by 1973 European Patent Convention.

New patent opposition
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04.01.2017 am31 11:39

Our campaign

It is no secret that the price of medicines is getting higher and higher, and that these prices are absolutely unjustified. That pharmaceutical companies make huge and contemptable profit margins on treatments for sick people, that the National Health Service cannot maintain. When it comes to health, should the market or the government make the law?

Our health is at stake. Spread the word.

Our campaign
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