1,5 million

Syrians and 350,000 Palestinians took refuge in Lebanon

1.5 million

Lebanese live below the poverty line ($4 per day)


Syrian refugees are scattered across hundreds of places in Lebanon, often in the poorest parts of the country, and have difficulty in accessing essential services.  Their limited financial resources mean that more and more they are forced to live in camps, overcrowded apartments and buildings which have been abandoned or are under construction. 



The Lebanese authorities have set up a range of measures to limit the influx of Syrians. Restrictions regarding the establishment of official refugee camps increase the insecurity of their situation and their will to leave Lebanon for more welcoming countries, notably Turkey

© Olivier Papegnies
© Olivier Papegnies

What we do

VICTIMS of crises and conflicts

Caring for Syrian refugees

Doctors of the World supports 5 primary healthcare centres and 1 mobile clinic in the Bekka Valley – Beyrouth, a region where there are very many refugees. Thanks to the association, victims of the Syrian conflict as well as the most vulnerable Lebanese can obtain treatment and medicines free of charge. By cooperating with local partners, financial support is ensured, enabling work on quality of reception and care for the recipients.


For the care and treatment of psychological distress in these populations, psychotherapists give consultations and provide therapeutic follow-up in the centres. Those suffering from the most serious mental disorders are referred to specialist services. They are supported by a team of community workers who carry out prevention and guidance work within the communities.


South Beirut
South Beirut

In 2017

We have helped:

  • Over 85,000 Syrian refugees and Lebanese people in vulnerable situations

  • 102,583 consultations were conducted in the health centres that we supported

Mobile clinic in a refugees camp © Guillaume Pinon
Mobile clinic in a refugees camp © Guillaume Pinon
Renovation of medical facilities damaged by the civil war.
Provision of emergency aid to populations displaced by the Lebanese-Israeli war –programme completed in 1998.
Intervention in the physical and psychological rehabilitation centre for 3,000 former prisoners from Khiam Israeli detention centre.
Projects to offer medical, social and legal aid in fifteen prisons until 2008.
Healthcare access programmes for Syrian refugees and the most vulnerable Lebanese.

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