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decrease in the Syrian population due to the war

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Syrians refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq

Our programs in Middle East

In Middle East, several countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Yemen are in the grip of civil wars. Many people are forced to flee to neighboring regions to escape violence and insecurity. Faced with this dramatic situation, health needs are critical, infrastructure and health personnel are lacking and damages caused by the violence remain a major barrier to access to health care for the most vulnerable.


In Middle East, Médecins du Monde has been providing medical support to these populations affected by armed conflicts for nearly 40 years. Accompanying these extremely vulnerable people in accessing health care and services (primary health, sexual and reproductive health and mental health) is a crucial challenge.

Countries of intervention

District Amedi, Village Bamerni. Irak (c) Guillaume Pinon
The figures speak for themselves: the need for humanitarian action in Iraq is non-negotiable. Crucial humanitarian assistance in Iraq Iraq is a country marked by years of conflict. Although it is gradually emerging from the crisis stage, the country is still extremely fragile and is facing multiple...
The population lives in a permanent state of extreme stress owing to the proximity of the Israeli settlements. ©Olivier Papegnies
Forced to abandon their homeland more than 70 years ago, Palestinians have lived under Israeli occupation for more than 50 years. A large part of the population has also suffered from the blockade of the Gaza Strip for 13 years. Against this backdrop, Médecins du Monde has been working in Palestine...
Civilians at the heart of the conflict Since the beginning of the war in 2011, violence against Syrian civilians has only intensified and become more complex. Many areas have been bombed regularly and civilian populations are the victims of human rights violations and abuses , under fire from the...
Le Yémen, un pays ravagé par 5 années de guerre ©Reuters
These alarming statistics highlight the need for a humanitarian mission in Yemen to provide assistance to people who are directly and indirectly affected by the conflict . Yemen – the humanitarian situation steadily worsens Since 2014, Yemen has been under fire due to clashes between Houthi rebels...
Conflict and severe poverty Ten years after the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Lebanon remains a fragile country marked by conflict and serious institutional and social instability. The country’s economy has been held back by the worsening crisis and, with the added unprecedented challenges posed...
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