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people welcomed in our reception centres (CASO) in 2017

3,5 million

people without adequate housing


slums in France in 2017

Our programs in France

Doctors of the World is present in France and abroad. Our 15 delegations are more than 60 programs across France.

More than 8 million people in France are below the poverty line, that 14% of the working population. Faced with this observation, Doctors of the World is committed to populations in distress. Homeless, poorly housed, drug users, exiles ... Doctors of the World works in France against all forms of discrimination and exclusion to health.

We found that a person from North Africa organizes paid medical trips to France using a name close to "Médecins du Monde". People awaiting care are sometimes referred to our CASOs (reception centers) in France.

We remind you that the cares (and any other service or support offered by MdM) are FREE and that we have no connection with any organization offering paid medical trips to France. Médecins du Monde has informed the authorities.

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More than three million people in France today are affected by poverty – that’s 14.3 % of the population.

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Drug users, like sex workers, are stigmatised and penalised because of their practices.

Personnes se prostituant attendant pour être reçues par MdM

Sex workers are extremely vulnerable. They face social isolation and problems with housing, their administrative status and health insurance.

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Vulnerable foreign nationals, asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors... For all migrants living in France, access to healthcare is difficult.

Intervention de la maraude SDF Médecins du Monde

While specific circumstances may vary, life on the street or in substandard housing has a direct influence on people’s health.

Poverty and exclusion force almost 20,000 people to live in slums, of which there are at least 429 in France.

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The share of people in precarious situations continues to increase. Unfortunately, this phenomenon can be accentuated in a rural environment where some areas are affected by the unequal distribution of healthcare provision.

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