Our actions in Europe


people have lost their lives in the Mediterranean since 2014


people arrived by boat via Libya in 2016


migrants were welcomed by the Calabria region in Italy in 2016

Our programs in Europe

Médecins du Monde is present in Europe, mainly in Italy, Serbia, and Bulgaria, to help improve the health conditions of migrants and refugees.

We are also working with drug users in Georgia and sex workers in Russia with our local partners to improve their access to care and help them protect themselves from the risks of infectious diseases, HIV, STIs, and violence.

Countries of intervention

Bugarie Santé sexuelle et reproductive
These alarming statistics highlight the need for humanitarian assistance in Bulgaria. The humanitarian emergency in Bulgaria: empowering and mobilising communities Many people in Bulgaria are affected by precarious living conditions and lack of access to healthcare and social services. There are no...
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Doctors of the World is present in France and abroad. Our 15 delegations are more than 60 programs across France. More than 8 million people in France are below the poverty line, that 14% of the working population. Faced with this observation, Doctors of the World is committed to populations in distress. Homeless, poorly housed, drug users, exiles ... Doctors of the World works in France against all forms of discrimination and exclusion to health.
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These alarming figures highlight the need for a humanitarian mission in Russia, particularly one focussing on medical aid for certain target groups. The hell of commercial sex in Russia: a cornerstone of our humanitarian work in Russia Russia is facing a growing HIV/AIDS epidemic. The number of...
These figures speak for themselves: the need for a humanitarian mission in the South Caucasus is indisputable. Our humanitarian action in the South Caucasus: harm reduction The South Caucasus region comprises three countries – Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan – all of which regained their...
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