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5.37 fertility rate (among the 5 highest in the world)


43.2% of the population are less than 15 years old


A difficult situation

Angola (or the Republic of Angola) is a former Portuguese colony which became independent in 1975. Following the installation of the new regime, the country has been ravaged for 25 years by civil war, leaving the local health system in a disastrous condition.

Over 1 million people have perished during the conflict and even today, numerous anti-personnel mines continue to kill. Malaria is responsible for the death of 40 children under five years old every day.  According to a UNICEF report, which appeared in 2008, only 30% of Angolan children have adequate access to drinking water.  


Gender-based violence

Angola is one of the sub-Saharan African countries with the highest rates of gender based violence. 

This violence has been identified as a major factor in the infection of women with HIV/Aids. For Doctors of the World, the elimination of violence against women is crucial in the fight against the spread of sexually transmissible infections.  


Women & Children

Combating gender-based violence

Doctors of the World has worked in Angola since 1993, the year of the launch of the support project at the Ophthalmology Institute of Luanda (the capital).

In Kwanza Norte province, our teams oversee the improvement of the health system by bringing primary healthcare to the population and by training so that local facilities become autonomous. Sexual and reproductive healthcare is also provided to combat the violence suffered by women and teenagers. The objective of the programme is to make a valuable contribution to the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights based on gender equality. 

Province of Kwanza Norte
Province of Kwanza Norte

In 2016

We have

  • Provided sexual and reproductive healthcare to over 250,000 people

  • Trained Health Information System personnel in identifying cases of gender based violence

  • Trained medical staff and student nurses on the challenges around SRH 


Session to raise awareness of domestic violence during Samba Cajú market
Session to raise awareness of domestic violence during Samba Cajú market

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