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160 €Care for 40 children suffering from malnutrition
200 €2 consultations for women who have been victims of violence in Uganda.
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At home and abroad

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Un bénévole soigne un migrant à Calais © Olivier Papegnies


In France, 3 million people are affected by poverty, accounting for 14.3% of the total population. Since 2008, the number of people in a precarious situation has continued to increase, and social inequalities in health are intensifying.

The Middle East

Our actions in the Middle East are closely connected to the conflicts that are disrupting the region and displacing populations. Not only do we assist victims on the frontlines but also and above all we are there for refugees and displaced persons in the neighbouring areas.


In Europe, we work with migrants, but also with women to prevent pregnancies or provide support during pregnancies, as well as with drug users, as part of a risk reduction approach.


In Latin America and the Caribbean, our action focuses on issues of sexual and reproductive health, with a particular attention on preventing and providing care for unwanted pregnancies, at a regional level as well as in all our countries of intervention.

All countries

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In Asia, our programmes mostly address women and children, particularly providing support to pregnant women. However, our actions also reflect the crises affecting the continent, such as in Pakistan where we assist displaced tribal populations.

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In nearly 20 countries across the whole African continent, we provide access to medical care for vulnerable populations.