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Guides and themes
As every year, February 4th is a high moment of mobilization against cancer. Médecins du Monde participates, in France and abroad, as an organization committed to the fight against cervical cancer.

We decided to condense the current state of knowledge into a pedagogical kit, to be used for participatory training for an adult audience (it includes a handbook for participants and a handbook for trainers), but also to serve as a resource.

This pedagogical kit helps design and implement programs on CC prevention (P-CC) and precancerous lesion management through a public health approach and the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights.

pedagogical kit

Trainer’s handbook

This handbook allows professionals working on SRHR programs, particularly those with a focus on cervical cancer prevention (CC), to conduct a 5-day training session with :

  • Teams in charge of implementing the community strategy

  • Teams in charge of operational implementation ( medical doctors, midwives, nurses, supervisors)




Participant handbook

This handbook enables participants to follow the training and serves as a resource. All aspects are covered (medical, community approach, advocacy, etc.), and while the technical component is intended for health professionals, the rest of the content is accessible to all. Feel free to consult it!




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