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Financial report 2019

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It could be said that 2019 belongs to a different world, the world before COVID. Nonetheless, our 2019 financial report provides us with a valuable overview of our organisation’s health that we can use to plan for a future full of uncertainty, but also of opportunities for promoting more social justice and solidarity.

In 2019, MdM’s activity topped €103 million. With a surplus of €1.5 million and a growth rate of 4.3%, the momentum gained over recent years was maintained. Yet 2019 was a singular year for our international operations.

Against a backdrop of numerous persistent crises - none of which deemed sufficiently calamitous by governments or international bodies to motivate the kind of funding required to meet the resulting needs -, Doctors of the World/Médecins du Monde (MdM)-France entered a period of adjustment.

Thanks to sound management, MdM was able to deal effectively with the consequences of this adjustment period. But it meant making choices. Thus, in order to continue pursuing the goals set forth in our mission statement, we developed strategies and implemented policy decisions that are already bearing fruit, as will be seen in this report.

MdM’s financial management - which has been both stringent and flexible for several years – will be a valuable asset to our organisation in the times ahead. The figures in this report illustrate our strengths and weaknesses. They are also proof of the commitment of all our stakeholders - users, volunteers, donors, partners, network members, and employees - to refusing the fatality of injustice.

We are ready to move our action forward!

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