Médecins du Monde au Liban après l'explosion du port de Beyrouth © Arnaud Finistre

Annual Report 2020

Institutional reports
2020 was a year without precedent. It marks a sea change in our volition to keep pushing the limits ever further, shattering the illusion that we are invincible and superior as a species, and confronting us with the painful and tragic recognition of our human frailty.

We have been submerged, thrown off course and traumatised by the tidal wave of COVID-19 and its repercussions. The pandemic has broken this unsustainable lightness of being that had served as a pathway and a hope for us. It is no longer a matter of discoursing on a supposed “world after” but of acting to ensure humans and living beings are shown respect and placed at the heart of our future. 2020 should be a milestone in the process of challenging predatory systems and should witness a radical paradigm shift. Compromise should now cease to be an option.

For forty years now, Médecins du Monde has been able to cope with the social and political upheavals and disasters that have defined contemporary history. The organisation has responded with utmost responsibility, mobilising all of its human and operational resources to adapt and stand up to the effects of the global health crisis.

Dr Philippe de Botton, Président de Médecins du Monde

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