Annual report 2019

Almost three billion people across the world have been in lockdown for over a month. The Covid-19 pandemic has already caused 150,000 deaths with over two million confirmed cases. In this context the 2019 Annual Report might seem out of sync or even anachronistic. However, the roots of this cataclysm already ran deep and the only aspect that should really surprise us is the brutal and unexpected standstill to which day-to-day life has been brought.

Let’s look back at our history. Forty years ago, the epic journey of the Île de Lumière marked the birth of our organisation. Then came the very first missions in Afghanistan, El Salvador, France, Bosnia and Rwanda, the shocking impact of AIDS, Palestine, Haiti, Romania, Goma, Chiapas, Colombia and Syria.

Next came the struggle against the marginalisation of those most at risk, against the rejection of migrants and campaigns to provide support for survivors of gender-based violence and psychological suffering. So many crises and campaigns have formed milestones on the path of our engagement right through to 2019.


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