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Health and rights of people who use drugs

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Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde-France is an international solidarity organisation that promotes access to health for marginalised populations around the world. Since the 1980s, Médecins du Monde-France has been working with people who use drugs through a harm reduction approach.

This approach consists of mitigating the harmful consequences that can result from the use of drugs by people who cannot or do not wish to stop their use. As of 2020, programmes are conducted in 6 countries: France, Georgia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Kenya and Ivory Coast. Other member organisations of the International Network of Médecins du Monde are also developing domestic programmes for people who use drugs in Belgium, Canada, Greece, Portugal, and Spain.
The vision of Médecins du Monde-France’s projects focuses on promoting people’s health through access to care and evolution of the law. As a clear policy framework is required on the issue of drug use, Médecins du Monde-France wanted to clarify and formalise its position on this issue. This position is based on expertise from its field practice, available scientific and institutional literature, contributions from community self-support groups and civil society, as well as consultations with people who use drugs involved in Médecins du Monde-France’s projects.

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